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The Foundation of Shared Services

Bristol Bay Shared Services, LLC (BBSS) was initiated in August 2005. BBSS was established to provide the back office functions to certain subsidiaries of the Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC). These essential back office roles focused on the needs of the government contractors owned by BBNC.

BBSS operates in the following service areas; accounting, contracts, human resources, information technology, and payroll. These cornerstone areas are the foundation of shared services. Within each of these primary support areas, are sub-areas that specialize in delivering comprehensive support to BBSS customers.

Since the inception of BBSS, its customers have had tremendous success in contracting with local, state, and federal governments. BBSS has grown to support over $500 million in annual revenue, 3,200 active employees, and over $250 million in annual employee payroll.

Bristol Bay Shared Services, LLC is a subsidiary of Bristol Bay Native Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation with government services, construction, industrial services, and tourism operations. BBSS operates strategically in the central and eastern time zones and has a strong relationship with the government contracting community.

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